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JV Mastery Program” – a groundbreaking course created by the legendary business strategist, Jay Abraham, in collaboration with renowned business expert Spike Humer. If you’re looking to harness the unparalleled potential of Joint Ventures and Power Partnering, this is your ultimate opportunity.




In a world where strategic alliances and joint ventures can make all the difference, the “JV Mastery Program” is your gateway to mastering the art of Joint Ventures and Power Partnering. Jay Abraham, known for his unparalleled expertise in business growth, shares his invaluable insights, strategies, and proven methods, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap to harness the immense power of collaboration.

With this program, you’ll delve deep into the strategies that have transformed businesses from mediocrity to million-dollar enterprises. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur looking to kickstart your venture or an established business owner seeking to expand your horizons, this course equips you with the knowledge and tools you need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.


Making the Case for Joint Ventures

Uncover the life-changing secret behind Joint Ventures and how they can rescue you from costly blunders. Learn what Tom Sawyer can teach you about seizing opportunities and the deceptively simple yet unbelievably powerful concept of Joint Ventures.

The Value of Joint Ventures

Dive into the world of Joint Ventures and discover how the “C” word can make or break your efforts. Understand why Joint Ventures are surpassing mergers as the ultimate business strategy and get insights from vital JV statistics.

Ways to Use Joint Ventures

Turn underutilized assets into a windfall of opportunity. Discover why mega-successes are eager to share their secrets with you. Learn how to pull rabbits out of the hat and explore the endless opportunities waiting for you.

The Joint Venture Mindset

Master the fundamentals of Joint Ventures and turn distress into mutual benefit. Become a master Joint Venturist and explore the power of leverage and creative genius.

The World at Your Doorstep

Learn why Joint Ventures are the ultimate tactical lever in today’s business landscape. Harness the power of “O.P.M.” (Other People’s Money) and explore how to make your Joint Ventures incredibly profitable. Unlock 11 winning strategies and 44 additional reasons why Joint Ventures can transform you into a business success story.

The Power of Leverage

Don’t be fooled by the dark side of leverage; instead, leverage it to your advantage. Understand the flip side of leverage that keeps you on high ground.

Your Creative Genius

Tap into your creative genius, which has been with you all along. Learn why you can and should make the rules in Joint Ventures.

Finding The Deal

Discover your money connection and unearth riches. Put the perpetual motion remodeling machine to work for you and visualize concepts that will attract partners to your venture.

Highest And Best Use

Master the art of time management and how prioritization amplifies every move you make. Learn the secrets of outsourcing and avoid the pitfalls of becoming “The Man for All Seasons.”


Understand how you might be diluting your hard-won success and discover the sweet rewards of low-hanging fruit. Avoid setting your prospects up for a fall and see through the online marketing fantasy.


Learn how to find your perfect JV match and turn your prospect’s “worst” problem into your best friend. Explore the success equation and understand when financing your JV makes perfect sense.

Master Bartering With Dave Wagenvoord

In the JV Mastery Program, you’ll gain access to Jay’s wealth of knowledge, including this classic interview with Dave Wagenvoord. Dave shares his personal history with barter, taking you on a journey through the wild deals he orchestrated and how he made them happen.

You will learn not one, not five, but 15 different ways to leverage barter without the need for money. These strategies will empower you to obtain goods and services at steep discounts with interest-free terms, creating unparalleled buying power at your fingertips.

Guardian Angel: Buying Businesses w/ Jay Abraham

You’ll get Jay’s mind-blowing two-hour and forty-one-minute bonus module where Jay unveiles a set of strategies that will empower you to:

  • Buy Prosperous Businesses Without Your Own Capital
    • Learn how to acquire thriving businesses without using a single penny of your own money. Jay’s unique insights will show you the path to business ownership without the financial burden.
  • Build Your Business Empire
    • Discover the secrets of expanding your current business to astronomical heights, all without any out-of-pocket expenses. Jay’s easy-to-follow step-by-step methods will revolutionize the way you think about business growth.
  • A Triple Leverage Concept Like No Other
    • This module introduces you to a groundbreaking triple leverage concept that combines leveraged buyouts, industry roll-ups, and “strategic arbitration” in a way that no one else has ever done before.
  • From Employee to Prosperous Business Owner
    • If you’re currently working for someone else, this course provides you with the perfect opportunity to catapult yourself into a prosperous business ownership position. You won’t need to risk a single dime of your own capital.

EBOOK: Joint Ventures: Mediocrity to Millions

In this 476 page insider’s guide, you’ll discover the art and science of engineering highly successful joint ventures, strategic alliances, partnerships, and other lucrative host-beneficiary relationships.

Explore 23 comprehensive chapters filled with practical advice, real-world case studies, and actionable techniques. From understanding the fundamentals to creative compensation strategies, this book covers it all.

Joint Ventures: Mediocrity to Millions” is more than roadmap, it’s a comprehensive playbook to success.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to learn from the best in the business. The “JV Mastery Program” is your ticket to success, offering a wealth of knowledge and actionable techniques that can revolutionize your business journey. Elevate your business acumen, seize lucrative opportunities, and embark on a path to unparalleled prosperity.



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