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Small Moves for Big Profits can be found everywhere! By adding or adjusting maybe just one distinction in your conversion process, adding one little adjunct in how you close a sale, making small tweaks to your copywriting… and all of a sudden… BAM!, you’ve doubled, even re-doubled, even re-doubled again, the profit you’re generating.

Through the Small Moves Collection, Jay will get you into the mindset of looking at the world geometrically and exponentially so that you’re ONLY operating in the exponential zone, just like Jay’s top business leaders and fortune 500 executives who’ve generated over BILLIONS of dollars.

The Small Moves Program has been specifically designed and curated with business owners like YOU in mind. When you enroll, you’ll have access to all 24 Small Moves Courses that are designed and curated to be quick to consume, easily digestible and immediately actionable strategies, tactics and clear action steps you need to harness and realize the big profits from the small moves Jay will teach you below:



Most businesses try to grow and expand using expensive, slow, and arduous methods, often without success. Jay will show how to to you achieve extraordinary results with small, strategic moves that require little effort, time, or expense. Imagine making simple, almost instant shifts that can result in 25% to 2,100% greater profits, sales, and conversions.

This course will guide you through every facet of small moves that produce monumental profits. You’ll explore concepts like:

  • Powerhouse Pivot: Discover how minor shifts can lead to massive profit increases.
  • Levers and Fulcrums: Learn to leverage your existing resources for maximum returns.
  • Your Revenue Generating System: Master the art of selling results, benefits, and advantages.
  • Referral Generation: Harness the power of trust and referrals to boost your business.
  • Targeting: Identify the most viable target audience for your products or services.
  • Proof: Build credibility through testimonials, endorsements, and quantifiable results.
  • Risk-Reversal: Make it easier for customers to say ‘YES’ by assuming the risk.
  • Reactivating Past Clients: Mine for windfall profits by re-engaging inactive clients.


You’ll learn Jay’s proven behind-the-scenes preemptive marketing moves that will allow you to entrench yourself in an ethical but stealthy way into someone else’s audience, to get access to clients that you most want to do business with, in ways that conventional marketing advertising, and promotion can’t!
  • How to get your competitors to happily offer YOUR products because it will boost their sales and your profits
  • The way to repurpose your existing material and break them down for your competition to offer
  • Jay’s secret keynote speaker strategy that he used to solidify his brand with EVERYONE – including the promoters, attendees, and even the people who DIDN’T show up
  • The “Sears strategy” that will let you ethically use other peoples digital or physical location to grow your brand and awareness
  • Why ignoring Lifetime Value is costing businesses millions and how you can capitalize on that
  • And several real-world examples that Jay has used to help hundreds of businesses that you can start using TODAY


“Partner Or Perish” is your gateway to harnessing the incredible power of strategic alliances. Gain the expertise to create partnerships with strategic twists that will supercharge your revenue generation and elevate your industry positioning, all while keeping your costs minimal.
  • How to create partnerships with strategic twists which will dramatically expand and enhance your ability to generate new revenue, and elevate your positioning, all with minimal expenditure
  • The way to achieve the 9 major benefits of strategic alliances and the 43 additional success factors using the “Tom Sawyer School Of Business” concept of thinking
  • 15 different types of strategic alliances which will get your competitors to promote you and your business
  • How to decide on the individual strategic objectives for your situation to drive more success, growth, profitability
  • The right questions to ask yourself to perform an inventory and opportunity audit which will help you uncover the under-utilizied assets you have available right now


Just as martial artists redirect the force of their opponents, you can redirect the energy of your competition to benefit your business. In this unique course, Jay will provide you with proven models and templates that you can immediately apply to your business for actionable results.
  • Overcome Resource Limitations. Do you often find yourself restricted by limited resources? If you don’t have an unlimited business budget and can’t afford to invest tens or hundreds of millions in marketing, resource experiments, or selling endeavors, “Small Moves: Aikido School of Marketing” is tailor-made for you. Jay Abraham will show you how to turn your resource limitations into a source of strength for your business.
  • Turn Negatives into Positives.  Learn how to transform negatives in your life and business into powerful positives. Jay’s unique approach empowers you to redirect negative energy, making it work to your advantage. If you believe that you lack the marketing budget, inventory, advertising capability, technical skills, or online marketing understanding, Jay’s wisdom will change your perspective.
  • Leverage Your Competitors’ Energy.  Discover the secret of using your competitors’ energy to fuel your own business growth. Drawing inspiration from the centuries-old martial art of Aikido, Jay Abraham will teach you how to utilize the force of your competitors against them, gaining a competitive edge in various aspects of your business.
  • Gain Market Data Intelligence.  Shift your perspective and utilize your competitors’ actions as a valuable source of market data intelligence. Uncover what markets want but are not receiving, and leverage this insight to laser-focus your product and service offerings. Jay will provide practical scenarios that demonstrate how this strategy can apply to your business, from advertising and marketing to financial resource management and risk reversals.


Jay will show you how to apply his secret kaleidoscope technique to create better communications, in an extraordinary way, where you are able to express to your viewer, your reader, your listener, that you understand them better than your competition, positioning you as their advocate not just a purchase decision.

  • Dive Deep into the Market’s Desires: Gain insights into what truly moves your target audience. Understand their aspirations, dreams, and what they seek in products or services.
  • Transform Ordinary Copy into Compelling Messages: Turn mundane marketing content into messages that resonate on a profound level. Learn how to craft copy that speaks directly to your audience’s needs and desires.
  • Uncover Secrets to Tap into Your Audience’s Subconscious: Explore the hidden realms of the human psyche. Discover how to influence decisions on a subconscious level, making your marketing efforts more persuasive and effective.
  • You’ll also learn about Jay’s school of business, how to Experiment with variables to craft Killer Headlines, how to target your market by segment and stimulate the response you want from your customres.


Jay shows you how to multiply your marketing, multiply your understanding of the media, and multiply your mindset on investing in ways that have you maximizing your selling mechanism in ways your competition has likely NEVER seen through insights for rapid progress, making it the ideal choice for those seeking to outshine the competition.

  • How to understand the power of variability
  • How to create a headline forged as a benefit, an advantage, an outcome that the target audience can expect to receive by reading the rest of the ad
  • How to position your proposal in the marketplace
  • ​Proving your position and proposition to the marketplace using testimonials multiplying your results
  • ​How to take the friction out of a transaction using risk reversals
  • ​Using bonuses to add appeal to your proposition
  • How ​upsell alternatives can add or replace your sales with larger units of sale, more combinations, more additives that could double or re-double or re-double again the profit per transaction
  • ​How to reclaim past expenditures in your marketing or advertising


In this course, find out from Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren how to create a stable, secure, passive income allowing you to grow and thrive even in difficult economic times. In fact right now, when times are uncertain is the best time to create passive income.
  • Why licensing proven strategies to other business might be right for you
  • ​How TODAY is the perfect time for passive income to become your top focus
  • ​How to build streams of income from businesses investing little or NO cash or resources.​​​​
  • ​Examples and insights to guide you in creating your OWN Passive Income Stream
  • ​How you can get exclusive access to Jay’s Passive Income Roadmap that has WORKED for countless clients over countless industries to create their own stable, predictable passive income stream that brings security and a real path to true wealth.
  • Includes Jay’s Passive Income Implementation Guide. It will be your first step in your own Passive Income Roadmap


1-hour of incredibly detailed strategy followed by a Q&A session with Jay that will change everything for you. You will be shocked to find out how quickly a shift in your strategy and business model can bring your 5 year profit goal closer to your next birthday through the Magic of Recurring Revenue.
  • The Four Biggest Reasons WHY You Need To Be Generating Recurring Revenue
  • Six Different Types Of Subscription Services You Can Offer Your Clients So They Can Be More Successful In Achieving The Outcome(s) You Promise
  • Detailed Strategy And Messaging You Can Use To Turn Clients From One Off Buyers To Long-Term Members
  • The Three Major Obstacles Businesses Struggle With When Switching To A Recurring Revenue Business Model & Solutions To Overcome Each
    How To Identify And Re-Frame The True Value Of Your Product/ Or Service So You Can Have Higher Converting Offers & Influence More Of Your Clients To Join Your Tribe
  • Jay’s “Magic Bullet” Client Retention Formula To Increase The Value Of Your Subscription Program Every Month


Jay shows how to find the maximum ethical vantage point of where the biggest leverage lies, then figure out how to use that leverage to grow your business, getting more from what you already have on hand — getting more from less. You’ll recognize the massive potential yield increase in nearly every activity in ways you’ve never even contemplated.
  • How to completely change the way you view and maximize the tangible and intangible assets in your business
  • How to virtually eliminate risk and increase profit centre’s across the board in your business
  • How to access higher paying, longer staying, higher frequency clients at no extra cost
  • How to leverage new and existing employees to profoundly grow yourself and your business
  • How to define and position your business as a market leader
  • And much, much more to help you start leveraging, maximizing and optimizing every inch of your business and beyond


Jay’s “Modeling for Millions” reveals secrets from large-scale entities that spent billions to master their marketing strategy. Jay shares these priceless lessons, enabling you to potentially earn millions more in your business annually by leveraging market data intelligence and refining your product and service offerings.
  • Where niches exist that you can capitalize on
  • How to figure out what the market wants and doesn’t
  • What markets want that they’re not getting
  • ​How to capitalize and leverage off of millions, tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even BILLIONS of dollars — for no investment on your part
  • ​How to mine sunk-cost knowledge that exists that is not recognized, valued, harnessed or harvested by anyone else
  • ​How to make up for your underperforming marketing, selling, business model, and positioning efforts and effectively leverage off of the most successful superior performing competitors in your market — and use other people’s past investments to do it


You’ll uncover Jay’s most powerful and enhanced mindset, methods, and strategies which focus your business to achieve far higher performing, profitable, preemptive and preeminent results — the very same strategies that companies have used to breakthrough from the millions into the billions!
  • How shifting your mindset and capacity from your constricting tunnel vision and limitations will show you the key to unlocking newer, more superior results safer, faster, with higher profitability for your business — helping you stand out from your competition
  • The way to become a powerful industry leader by expanding your worldview to truly understanding what your audience wants and needs
  • One of the most well known — but truly misunderstood — profound concepts which will get you the best result, outcome, profit AND performance from everything you do, everywhere you do it, everyone you do it with, and everyone you do it for
  • 3 primary ways to increasing the average order and frequency of your sales which can realistically double, redouble, redouble, redouble AGAIN the lifetime value and profitability of every buyer
  • And how being a strategic critical thinker and utilizing profitable strategic alliances allowed Jay to escalate his business to a far higher plane of performance — making a quarter of a billion dollars while spending less than $300,000
  • Plus so much more to help you unlock the Billion-Dollar Mindset you need to achieve the level of success you want!


How To Become An Exponential Entrepreneur will show you clear, easily implementable action steps to turn your business growth trajectory from a linear path to an exponential one allowing you to scale your profits without, necessarily, scaling your overhead. It may seem impossible, but it is a reality. Jay will show you how!
  • The Key Differences Between An Exponential Entrepreneur Vs An Average Business Owner
  • Levers And Fulcrums In Your Business You Can Harvest And Then Permanently Harness To Drive Exponential Entrepreneurial Levels Of Performance, Achievement, And Success — Faster, Easier, And Safer Than Most Are Currently Doing
  • Jay’s H.A.B.U Theory And How To Use This Very Simplistic Concept (But Infinitely Powerful One) — To Get The Maximum Results For Minimum Effort, Time, Risk, And Investment From Everything You Do
  • How To Start Looking At Your Market Potential & Positioning, Research & Development, Team & Self-Development, Legacy, Wealth Creation (And Many More Elements) To ALL Shift From Operating Linearly And Into The Exponential Zone


Money Making Secrets are universal truths that allow any size, type scope of business, anywhere you operate it to perform better. Jay has created or discovered a litany of these secrets over his multi-decade career that are battle-tested, immediately actionable and PROVEN that have literally generated billions of dollars for his high profile clients.

  • The secret business desire most clients have and how you can meet it and be their knight in shining armor.
  • Secret changes you can make at the point of sale that can double or redouble your margins for mammoth gains.
  • How to shatter the most common misperceptions about the nature of a client and how to maximize lifetime purchase value.
  • Secret “levers”that exist all through your business (and your clients’ businesses) to give you maximum ethical advantage before, during and after the first transaction.
  • You’ll learn how to see through the “mirage” that is convincing you that your assets little or only linear value and how to harness the assets of others, oftentimes, at NO COST or risk to you.
  • How to harness the military concept of “overwhelming force” to your strategic profit-growth advantage.


Jay will reveal priceless systems and lessons he’s never shared before which have allowed him to become the legendary business super consultant he is today. You can use these same systems and lessons to expand your network strategically like Jay did throughout his career (and still does!) to build an extensive legion of VERY wonderful contacts and start meaningful relationships.
  • The Best Routines And Practices Jay Personally Developed For Himself To Become A Marketing Genius
  • How Jay Strategically Built An Extensive Legion Of Very Wonderful Contacts Throughout His Legendary Career And How You Can Too — Starting Immediately!
  • The Nonlinear Foolproof Strategy Jay Used In His 20’s To Secure Appointments With Prominent Decision Makers 99% Of The Time, And How You Can Adapt It To YOUR Business To More Effectively Start Meaningful Relationships & Close More Deals
  • Specific Examples Of How Jay Challenges And Forces Himself To Break Through Barriers And Get To A Pretty High Level
  • Practices Jay Uses To Bounce Back from Log Jams And Blocks Into High-Performance Thinking — Fast
  • PLUS Many More Systems & Lessons From Jay’s Life You Can Very Easily Draw Out Of Yourself To Expand Your Level Achievement, Performance, Capability And Capacity


Jay will share with you what really transformed his life and so many others he has impacted. This simple revelation came after working with dozens of different companies in different industries opening up a perspective that allowed him to grow companies over 900%.
  • How to master “funnel vision” for ultimate gain.
  • How to target the right audience at the right time
  • How to strategize like fortune 100 marketing execs
  • How to take Jay’s proven roadmap to marketing genius to places your business likely has never been before.
  • Plus so much more to help you achieve lasting, exponential profit on your path to true wealth!


Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just starting this course will help you unlock your business’s full potential and pave the way for exponential growth. Explore the three fundamental strategies of business growth that can apply to any business, regardless of its size or scope.

Learn How To

  • Increase Your Number of Clients: Discover how to expand your client base effectively, tapping into a larger audience, and harnessing the potential for exponential growth.
  • Increase the Size/Number of Purchase Transactions: Learn how to maximize the value of each transaction, increase purchase frequency, and drive profitability through intelligent sales strategies.
  • Increase the Transaction Frequency: Explore techniques to encourage repeat business, maintain a positive buying relationship, and boost customer loyalty.


Break free from stagnation and achieve stunning growth. Jay shares a holistic approach to addressing the challenges that may be hindering your business. With practical insights, actionable strategies, and a wealth of resources, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools needed to “unstick” your business and achieve remarkable success.
  • Learn how to recognize and overcome sticking points to turn your business around quickly and meaningfully.
  • Reasons for Being Stuck: Discover the importance of growth thinking, testing, measurement, and strategic planning in every aspect of your business.
  • Explore the nine critical areas where businesses often get stuck and lose profitability.
  • Define your competition and develop strategies to outperform them.
  • Learn how to manage costs effectively to improve your bottom line.
  • Understand how to optimize your expenses and protect your profits.
  • Identify and rectify ineffective strategies and ideas.
  • Position your business strategically to stand out in the marketplace.
  • Elevate your marketing efforts to attract and retain customers effectively.
  • Learn the importance of delegation and collaboration.


In 10 Ways To 10X, Jay will show you how to turn your existing TOP LINE revenue into your new BOTTOM LINE and multiply it several ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE over a realistic, achievable timeframe that lasts. These are not “pie in the sky” or “moonshot” pipe dreams but real. proven techniques that, if mastered and applied, can truly work to multiple your business 10X or more.
  • How adding revenue sources diversifies your power.
  • How to acquire new businesses with little or NO capital or risk.
  • The secret wealth potential that may lie inside of your systems and procedures that you never realized could be an asset!
  • Primary ways to increasing the average order and frequency of your sales which can realistically double, redouble, redouble, redouble AGAIN the lifetime value and profitability of every buyer


Curious to know the ONE strategy Jay Abraham claims HE’D personally use to bounce back from zero as fast and safely as possible if you took away ALL his business building strategies away from him? Well, now you have a chance to learn the SECRET! Learn how to go from stuck and struggling to profitable and successful in 30 days
  • Why It’s So Important To Leverage Other People’s Efforts, Businesses & Assets vs Trying To Grow Your Business All By Yourself (The Hardest Way Possible)
  • How To Acquire Access To Another Company’s Assets Without Having To Buy Their Business
  • What Stops Most Businesses From Leveraging Partnerships & Acquisitions And How To Get Across This Hurdle So You Can Achieve Your Goals FASTER
  • The Steps & Mistakes To Avoid So You Can Secure A Cash Windfall Opportunity With A Strategic Partner Within The Next 30 Days — Even If You’ve Never Tied Up A Joint Venture Before
  • A Personal Challenge From Jay You Can Start Immediately After Watching This Training So You Can Gain Traction & Multiply Your Income THIS MONTH


In this POWERHOUSE session Scott Bell will review past Hot Seat Business Makeovers with Jay Abraham and show you how you can mine powerful business strategies for yourself from ANY business in ANY industry and apply them to your own.
  • What a Hot Seat is and why it matters
  • How to prepare your own Hot Seat
  • Why watching Hot Seats from other business owners (especially those outside your industry) should be part of your personal growth strategy
  • How the successes and failures of a business that has almost NOTHING to do with what you do could be the answer to overcoming your biggest challenges and reaping profits you never thought imaginable.
Unlock a Multisensory Learning Experience

In the Small Moves Big Profits Collection, we’ve designed each course with your success in mind. We understand that everyone has their preferred way of learning, and that’s why every course in this collection includes a comprehensive set of resources to cater to your unique needs.

  • Video Recordings: Immerse yourself in Jay Abraham’s teachings through high-quality video recordings. Watch and listen as he shares his invaluable insights, strategies, and real-world examples. Visual learners will appreciate the clarity and depth of understanding provided by these video sessions.
  • Audio Recordings: Take your learning on the go with audio recordings. Whether you’re commuting, working out, or simply prefer to listen, you’ll have access to these recordings that allow you to absorb Jay’s wisdom at your convenience. Turn downtime into productive learning time.
  • Transcripts: We know the importance of having a written reference. Each course comes with detailed transcripts of the video and audio content. These transcripts make it easy to review key points, highlight essential concepts, and refer back to the material whenever you need it.
  • Action Plan Workbook: Learning is most effective when you can apply it directly to your business. The action plan workbook accompanying each course guides you through practical exercises, helping you implement Jay’s strategies in your own company. It’s your roadmap to success.
  • Bonus Resources: To supercharge your learning experience, we’ve included bonus resources that complement each course. These extra materials provide additional insights, tools, and templates to further enhance your understanding and accelerate your business growth.

By offering this comprehensive set of resources, we ensure that you receive the maximum value from every course in the Small Moves Big Profits Collection. Whether you’re a visual learner, an auditory learner, or someone who loves to read and apply what you’ve learned, these resources are tailored to your preferences and designed to empower you on your journey to business success.

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