Recorded Replays Of Each Session Delivered DAILY

  • ​4 DAYS of daily, live interactive training as well as participation in a private Facebook group–– 90 minutes of daily, live training from Jay, as well as surprise guest contributors, each an expert in their field;
  • The Client Acquisition Challenge Workbook, a downloadable workbook for mastering your daily implementation and execution assignments to ensure optimal success applying each one of your client generating strategies
  • The Client Acquisition Challenge Recordings – significant research shows that people retain only 9% of any training over time –– Jay wants YOU to retain over 10 times that amount, meaning 100% – by having a complete, unabridged full-length of video recordings accessible anytime you want or need to review, rewash, reflect or enhance your ability to monetize all the client acquisition strategies.
  • PLUS Bonus course giveaways and other incentives from Jay for joining the challenge
  • ​Enrollment in Abraham University with 2 complete eBooks, and the 2-Hour Mastery Course “Mastermind 101”. (Available Instantly)


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